Bamzu was formed to bring vibrant live jazz music to audiences who want to stand up. As venues in Cardiff such as Gwdihw have begun to close thanks to developers, the city needed a collective that was mobile and adaptable. Hosting events in Blue Honey Local, Tiny Rebel and other venues, Bamzu keeps its finger on the pulse and brings eclectic sounds to contemporary crowds.
Starting with the Bamzu Jazz Jam in November 2019, Blue Honey Local was ‘one-in-one-out’ on Saturday nights with party people listening to bands like Ramnastax playing fusion and Naked Lunch Trio playing the music of Charlie Brown. The atmosphere at the gigs is raucous and welcoming.

Being a chameleon, Bamzu has not gone away during lockdown but has adapted to keep bringing audiences live music. Hosting Lockdown Jazz Sessions, a fortnightly online gig series, musicians play live over zoom to audiences whose presence can be felt as they unmute to whoop and cheer from all around the globe.